CRC Floor Design Small Tallit/Shawls

CRC Floor Design Small Tallit/Shawls

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Use as a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) or just as a silky shawl wrap to your next party! Sure to get attention and compliments!  Vibrant and luxurious, ultra-soft polyester wraps (with a silky poly lining), these shawls are practically wrinkle-free - great for traveling, casual or evening wear.

If you wish to make it into a formal Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) there are slit holes on the 4 corners for space to put the "Tzitzit" - the fringes or tassels worn on ceremonial garments by Jewish people which is tied to the four corners of the Tallit. 

Size: 75”x22”

May take up to 7 business days to ship.


CRC floor design tallit/shawls